Vanishing bones means salafi grave robbers?

Two related stories from al-Masry al-Youm:

Sat. 19/3 p.7 Disappearance of a “Saint’s” remains  in Bahaira in mysterious circumstance in reference to five hundred year old tomb in Zawiyat Khaniza (زاوية خنيزة), Kom Hamada district. A local man attributes blame to “gama’at al-islamiyah”.

Mon. 21/3 p.10 Sheikhs of the Sufi Orders call for a million-strong march against destruction of tombs during the Mulid of Hussein. This appeal made against “the growth of the Salafi trend and its campaign aimed at the destruction of saints’ tombs.” Spokesman for the Supreme Council of the Sufi Orders called on the Sufi movement to stand up to the salafi wave which he described as more of a danger than the Ikhwan. Azhar appointed member of the Council, Ahmed Omar Hashim, referred to the “enemies of Sufisim” involved in a “war to destroy tombs” which should be confronted.

The second story tends to confirm the first. For further perspective see this on Saudi Arabian Whahabi ruination.

On a wider level are those seeking to mix politics with religion the true robbers of the shuhada’s graves?

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